Katy 225

23 October 2023 - 28 October 2023
Clinton, usa
trail race
362 KM
500 Runners
Difficulty:    advanced
ENTRY FEE:    595 usd

The Katy 225 October 23 – 27, 2023

The Katy 225 is our BIG sister race to the Cowboy 200. It will be run on the beautiful Katy Trail in Missouri. Like Cowboy, Katy is a point-to-point rail-trail race with ZERO REPETITION! Although the concepts are similar, the two will be VERY different races.

The scenery is quite different in Missouri than at Cowboy in Nebraska – more trees and much of the trail runs along the Missouri River. We also expect that the race will have a different feel to it. Katy does run through many small towns (much like Cowboy) but starts only about 45 minutes south of Kansas City and finishes in the heart of St. Charles, a suburb of St. Louis!

• 225 miles…NO REPETITION
• GPS tracking for all participants
• 150 runner cap
• 10 Fully stocked aid stations, most with hot food (many additional points with water)
• Sleep stations (some likely indoors), sleep bags
• Awesome swag!
• Unique buckle that changes every year
• 96-hour cutoff
• Part of the Midwest Rail Trail Double

The Route
Runners will travel eastbound on the Katy Trail from Clinton to St. Charles. During their 225-mile journey, they will pass through many small towns that dot the Katy Trail. They will see many relics of the old railroad, run along the Missouri River, cross numerous rail bridges, and enjoy plenty of beautiful scenery before ending their adventure in the heart of the historic city of St. Charles.

The Katy Trail is non-technical, 100% runnable, and mostly flat. The exact route of the Katy 225 is subject to change with route/trail closures and maintenance. We will do our best to keep runners on the Katy Trail as much as possible.

Aid Stations
With 2023 being the inaugural year, many of the aid station locations, as well as the exact number, are still in the works. Look for at least 10 fully stocked aid stations, (most with hot food) and many additional points that will have water.

Full/manned aid stations will have a variety of typical runner’s food. MOST full aid stations will also have at least one hot food item. We will have at least one plant-based hot food option at every full-aid station serving hot food.

The sole electrolyte/carb drink for Katy is Proxima C Endurance Fuel. https://ultraversesupplements.com/products/proxima-c-endurance-fuel

All updates will be made in the Facebook group and the Runner’s Manual (coming soon).

Swag and Awards
All runners will receive a lightweight, packable puffy jacket, a Katy 225 T-shirt, a drawstring bag, and an Ultraverse Supplements bib belt. Additional freebie items will also be included.

All finishers will receive a beautiful, year-specific Katy 225 finishers buckle worthy of a 225-mile adventure. Our finisher’s buckles will be different every year! Collect them all!

Additional awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place male and female.

Additional awards for completing the Midwest Rail Trail Double (Cowboy and Katy). See below.

For a complete list of rules see the runners manual (coming soon)

Pacers will be allowed after about 100k.

Pacers can only start at FULL/MANNED/CREW ACCESSIBLE aid stations.

Pacers cannot carry anything for their runner (no muling).

See the runners manual for more info.

We will have a shuttle that will take uncrewed runners from Kansas City to Clinton the night before the race. The shuttle will likely drop runners off at our sponsor hotel, where we will also have packet pickup the evening prior. Exact shuttle times, prices, and locations are still being planned. Please check the Facebook page and/or the runner’s manual frequently for updates.

Runners should be able to fly into KC, take the shuttle to the start, and fly out of St. Louis Airport (<10 miles from the finish) after the race.

Deferrals and Refunds
100% deferral credit to 2024 if done by July 23rd.
75% credit if done by August 23rd.
50% credit if done by Sept 23rd.
25% credit if done by Oct 8th.
No deferral credit is given within 2 weeks of the race.
Let us know prior to 3 days before the race to avoid a DNS


Midwest Rail Trail Double
Cowboy AND Katy?! Yes, that’s 425 miles in two months!

If you finish Cowboy AND Katy, you’ll receive a beautiful custom plaque or acrylic (TBD). Additionally, the person from each gender that finishes Cowboy AND Katy in the shortest combined time will receive an additional award (TBD) and free entry into any one Ultraverse race in 2024.

You can find all of our races here – https://ultraversesupplements.com/our-races

Thinking about it? We REALLY want to see you do both…so we will give you 20% off Katy if you are also signed up for Cowboy. Please reach out to us BEFORE signing up for Katy if this applies to you! We will not REFUND the discount. If you reach out after you already sign up for both you will receive future race credit.

Brought to you by Ultraverse Supplements

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