ROC – Rodopi Challenge 50 miles

25 April 2020
Forest Village Erymanthos, East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece
mountains race
82 KM
1 day
250 Runners
Difficulty:    Brutal


Rodopi Challenge (ROC) is an «introductory» ultra trail race, 50 miles long, which is held by the non-profit organization “Rodopi Ultra Trail” at the Rodopi Mountain Range, every spring. The race is 82 kilometers long and has 4200 meters elevation gain (D+). The route is “out-and-back” type on a 41 kilometers track, which is part of ROUT’s route. The race starts from the Forest Village of Erymanthos, at Haidou, and after it reaches Zarkadia after 41 kilometers, then it turns back and follows the same route to the Forest Village again.


The race aims to introduce the participating athletes with the spirit and philosophy of solidarity that expresses the central race event of the organization, Rodopi Advendurun 100 miles (ROUT). It is an introductory event for ROUT and exactly for this reason it follows its logic and characteristics. The birth of ROC happened from the need to create an intermediate (transitional) level between the marathon trail races and 100 miler ROUT, in order to bridge the gap between these two race categories. Thanks to ROC, a lot of athletes can be lead smoothly to the ultra trail races.


The race is open to all those aged 20 up to 70 years old, based on the participation criterion.

CRITERION The participation criterion for the race is a mountain running race  at least 35K or abandonment at 40K at least for a race over 50K. The criterion-race must have taken place after 1/1/2013 and up to the date of submission of the application.

CATEGORIES The categories in which the athletes are classified are common for both sexes and are the following:

a) Μ1/W1=20-49 years old

b) Μ2/W2=50+ years old

c) M3/W3=50-59 years old

d) M4/W4=60-70 years old.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS All the applications submitted during the registration period that meet the participation criterion will be accepted, with no number limitation.

PARTICIPATION FEE The participation fee amount is paid only after the approval of participation, to the organization’s (Rodopi Ultra Trail) bank account with ΙΒΑΝ: GR29 0172 352000 5352 047379 743 at Piraeus Bank.

PROVISIONS The organization commits to offer to the athletes: lunch before and after the race, refreshment posts during the race, medical support, souvenir gift and medal, to the athletes that will finish the race.

CANCELLATION Cancellation of participation and return of 50% of the fee is accepted until the last day of the payment period.

MEDICAL CERTIFICATE The organization does not require a medical certification from the athletes. Each athlete is responsible for checking her/his health with regular medical examinations.

FIRST AID The organization is responsible for medical support (first aid) and the security of the athletes at the support stations and the Check Points. The telephone number 112 can be used for emergency and it is good for athletes to be able to communicate if needed.

COPYRIGHT The organization has the copyright of the race and the right to use the photos and videos taken on the day of the race.

PERSONAL DATA The organization, in compliance to the principles of protecting personal data, does not disclose personal data of the athletes, or gives data to third parties for commercial or other purposes.

RACE BIB The race bib is the only evidence of validity of an athlete during the race, therefore all athletes are obligated to keep their bib in good shape in a visible position on them, in order to be recognized by anyone and to help monitor at the check points.

RACE BIBS DISTRIBUTION The race bibs distribution will take place the day before the race, Friday, from 12:00 noon until 22:00, and on Saturday (day of the race) until 05:30 in the morning. The race bibs are given only to the athletes themselves, with presentation of any valid identification document.

TECHNICAL BRIEFING The technical briefing of the athletes will be outdoor and will take place where the closing ceremony is held at 19:00 afternoon on the day before the race.

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT There is no mandatory equipment for the athletes. The athletes are responsible to carry with them the necessary equipment for their basic and emergency needs. The organization recommends the following: waterproof jacket, water container, hat, haemostatic, emergency food, head lamp, cell phone.

PENALTIES Athletes will be disqualified for the following infringements: a) failure to pass through a checkpoint, b) littering at the route, c) inappropriate behavior towards the volunteers or co-athletes, d) assistance given other than in the official refreshment points, e) pacing by persons that do not participate in the race.

TIME LIMIT The race will start at 06.00 at the Forest Village. In addition to the time limit, there is an in-between time barrier in the middle of the race (Zarkadia Κ-41), in 8:00 hours. So, any athletes that arrive to Zarkadia after 14:00 are disqualified to continue the race. Extension to the limit will be given only under extreme weather conditions.

CANCELLATION-POSTPONEMENT Suspension of the race, temporary or final, may happen based on the organizations judgment due to extreme weather conditions at any time during the race. The same may happen at the start of the race, which may be postponed for a short period of time and with the prospect of better weather conditions. In case of bad weather conditions the time limits of the race may be expanded.                                                                       

WITHDRAWAL An athlete can drop out of the race, only after giving his bib number to a responsible staff member at a Check Point. From the moment he gives his bib number and on, which means dropping out of the race, the athlete has the right to manage his time and strengths as he wishes. The organization is responsible only for transporting the athlete to the Forest Village, as long as he is : a) at Zarkadia, b) at Prasinada, c) at Livaditis.

SIGNS The course signs vary depending on the section and is based mainly on signs with the race logo, signal ribbons and a conjunction of other means of marking. The first 10 and the last 20 kilometers will also be marked with night (retro-reflective) signs.

REFRESHMENT POSTS During the race there will be 3 refreshment posts: a) Prasinada-1 (Κ-27), b) Zarkadia (Κ-41), c) Prasinada-2 (Κ-55). At the refreshment posts a variety of fresh and cooked food will be offered. The athletes must carry with them a cup or tumbler, to receive liquids at the refreshment posts.

DROP-BAG Each athlete has the right to give to the organization a drop-bag with material, equipment and consumable supplies of his/her choice, which will be transferred to Prasinada by the organization. The drop-bag’s volume cannot be larger than 30 liters and can be given to the organization the day before the race. They will be transferred to the Forest Village by the end of the race again by the organization.

OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE Outside assistance to the athletes is allowed only in the official refreshment points (Prasinada, Zarkadia).

CHECK POINTS During the race there will be 15 check points, where for security reasons and for the smooth conduct of the race, the athletes are recorded.

SWEEPING SERVICES A team of volunteers will follow the last athlete of the race, for security reasons, having the ability at the same time to take part in the coordination of providing aide to any injured athlete, in cooperation with the medical staff of the organization.

PRIZES-MEDALS The winners of the race will be awarded with trophies while all  athletes who will finish the race will be given a medal. The three first men and the three first women will be honored, as well as the first man or woman of the Master category (Μ2/W2).

CHANGES The present rules are subject to change without prior notice, but in general the spirit of the rules remains the same.

Event Organiser

ROUT Manager

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